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Property Preservation Services

Winterization Services


Our Property Preservation Services can winterize your properties in according to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines. A winterization generally involves:

  • Draining of all plumbing and heating systems as required;

  • Using air pressure to clear the system of water;

  • Adding anti-freeze to all traps and fixtures;

  • Shutting off water supply to the property;

  • Disconnecting the water meter, removing it from the cradle and leaving it on the premises;

  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve and plugging or capping it; and

  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs, and dates on all items winterized, including our Property Preservation Service's address and telephone number on all tags and labels.


​Misc Preservation Services


  • Plumbing Winterization & Board-Ups

  • Flood/Sewer Back-Up Damage Repair

  • Mold Remediation & Waterproofing

  • Water Damaged Carpet Replacement

  • HVAC Tune-Up Service & Repair

  • Air Ducts & Dryer Vents Cleaning

  • Wood Flooring Sanding & Re-Finishing

  • Smoke & CO Detectors Install


  • Attic Cleaning, Heating Oil Tanks Removal

  • Plumbing & Appliances Repair

  • Interior Walls Patching, Finishing & Painting

  • Fixtures & Light Electrical Wiring Repair

  • Deck, Driveway & Siding Power Washing

  • Windows & Doors Repair, Locksmith Work

  • Pools / Fish Ponds Cleanout & Draining

  • Abandoned Vehicles Removal / Towing

Convey Maintenence, Restoration & Imspection Prep


ZHCS wpartners with realtors, banks & landlords to quickly bring devastated properties up to par. In addition to Police-assisted initial entry, eviction & property survey,we will get the property in order for inspection. 


Exterior Clean Up: Includes junk/debris, construction materials & light furniture removal, lawn mowing, edging, shrubs trimming, raking, gutter cleaning and; low hanging tree branches (up to 3" in diameter) cutting, removal & haul-out.


Interior Clean-Up: Includes junk/debris &  furniture removal, and thorough cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances, doors & windows, fireplaces, ceiling and wall fixtures, laundry rooms, closets, living areas carpet vacuuming, hard floors moping, full-house deodorizing, and garage junk/debris clearing and sweeping.

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