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Eviction & Tenant Management Services 

Eviction Services & Storage of Possessions


Delinquent tenants cost landlords millions of dollars per year in unpaid rent, property damage, and legal fees.ZHCS  helps protect property investments by completing the eviction of a tenant in the fastest time possible. Using professional, well-trained staff , we are able to provide unmatched services.

Deadbolting & Sealing


In today’s economy, commercial property vacancies continue to rise, creating special mitigation challenges for business owners and landlords. Office exposures are the hardest hit by the economic climate at the moment with retail, industrial, multi-family residential, and farms not far behind. While each of these occupancy categories has its own unique risks, many property owners have requested our help.


ZHCS offers the following services:

  • Change the locks and/or install new tapered deadbolts since copies of the existing keys may have been given to prior tenants or others. Tapered deadbolts make it almost impossible to use a wrench to twist the lock open.

  • maintain the property by taking steps to make the property appear occupied to reduce the risks of vandalism and other crimes occurring there.

  • Maintain the exterior by mowing lawns, taking care of shrubbery, removing leaves or snow, clearing driveways and walkways.

  • Ongoing visits , inspections and check in's with the policy holder


Winterization Services


Our Property Preservation Services can winterize your properties in according to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines. A winterization generally involves:

  • Draining of all plumbing and heating systems as required;

  • Using air pressure to clear the system of water;

  • Adding anti-freeze to all traps and fixtures;

  • Shutting off water supply to the property;

  • Disconnecting the water meter, removing it from the cradle and leaving it on the premises;

  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve and plugging or capping it; and

  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs, and dates on all items winterized, including our Property Preservation Service's address and telephone number on all tags and labels.

Convey Maintenence, Restoration & Inspection Preparation


ZHCS wpartners with realtors, banks & landlords to quickly bring devastated properties up to par. In addition to Police-assisted initial entry, eviction & property survey,we will get the property in order for inspection. 


Exterior Clean Up: Includes junk/debris, construction materials & light furniture removal, lawn mowing, edging, shrubs trimming, raking, gutter cleaning and; low hanging tree branches (up to 3" in diameter) cutting, removal & haul-out.


Interior Clean-Up: Includes junk/debris &  furniture removal, and thorough cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances, doors & windows, fireplaces, ceiling and wall fixtures, laundry rooms, closets, living areas carpet vacuuming, hard floors moping, full-house deodorizing, and garage junk/debris clearing and sweeping.

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