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We are committed to earning your business. Each year, we only accept a limited amount of snow removal clients in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain.  We are a hands-on company that goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. And, by offering you varied programs and packages, we allow you the opportunity to customize your service depending on the requirements of your specific property.


The ZHCS team can blow, shovel and remove both snow and ice from your driveways and walkways.  We are dedicated to providing local clients with affordable, worry-free snow management solutions.


 We have the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure your snow removal needs are met to the highest standards. We attentively manage thousands of square feet of pavement every season and treat each property as a priority. When we say, "Let us deal with the snow!" we mean it. We pride ourselves in offering a safe winter environment for our community.


Our season pass option is highly recommended for clients needing season long support such as seniors, clients with physical impairments or injuries, commuters and busy families.




Winter 2023 IS COMING!
Let ZHCS Deal With The Snow


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Snow  Management Services


Sidewalk Management

Sidewalk surfaces become hazardous when ice forms under built up snow. Since the ice is harder to deal with than the snow is, we will work to keep it from attaching to the pavement in the first place.

De Icing & Salt

We use anti-icing agents that have been formulated for just that purpose. We will coat the surfaces of your walks well before a storm hits, so they will be most resistant to the onset.

Vehicle Dig Out

Clear snow and ice from your vehicle

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Ice Breaking

Destruction and clearing of ice accumulation

Driveway Clearing

Removal of all snow from your drive way to ensure safe mobility to your family

De Icing

De icing of car, home and frozen items

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Types of Ice Melts we offer


This mixture is 70% sand and 30% salt, which is ideal for creating traction to avoid slips while also melting the snow. Although it is our most affordably priced option, it requires more cleanup.


Consisting of 100% salt, this mixture is more ideal for melting the ice than making friction. The great thing about salt is that it melts the snow and ice up to 200%, and no cleanup is required, unlike a salt/sand mix

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Beet Juice

Besides not requiring any cleanup, this mixture is ideal because it’s ecofriendly and will still eventually melt even if it’s -15 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best option for pet owners as well because it is safe for animals and not corrosive.

Natural Ice Control Geomelt

Because this ice melt is salt brine mixed with beet juice, it is also ecofriendly. It is far more effective than regular ice melt and is not toxic either. Also, natural ice control geomelt does not have an expiration date so you can save some for next winter.

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ZHCS is committed to providing customers with timely and well rounded, snow removal services. Available services include snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling, snow removal, and de-icing (rock salt and multiple Ice Melt products), snow relocation and snow excavation.


Clients are first in our minds. The entire experience is all about you and making sure you receive a complete peace of mind. Once under our wings, you are guaranteed to receive full, 24/7 professional service every time snow occurs.







Up To Date, Real Time Communication

We start communicating with clients as soon as snow is on the forecast. ZHCS will confirm your snow removal needs and estimate our arrival time

We will remind you to move vechiles and any items that may get in the way of snow removal or de icing your surfaces

Clients can follow our location and progress in real time 

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Essex County  & Surrounding Coverage Areas

  • Maplewood

  • South Orange

  • West Orange

  • East Orange

  • Bloomfield

  • Montclair

  • Livingston

  • Newark 

  • Irvington

  • Short Hills

  • Millburn

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